CALL FOR PAPERS Multi-Conference OCTA’2019 on: Organization of Knowledge and Advanced Technologies Unifying the scientific contributions of the following conferences: SIIE’2019 & ISKO-Maghreb’2019 & CITED’2019 & TBMS’2019 February 6-7-8, 2020 Tunis (Tunisia)

Location of the conference: ALECSO   IEEE

Submission deadline 25th December 2019


1.CITED ( on « Advanced Technologies, Renewable Energies and Economic Development » :

The international symposium CITED aims to bring together the work on concerted and reflective research on the establishment of sustainable economic development based on technological advances, the optimal use of means and resources, and on renewable energies

2. SIIE ( & on « Information Systems and Economic Intelligence » :

The SIIE international conference aims to promote dialogue between experts and researchers from both the public and private sectors, on fundamental and experimental knowledge of Information Systems and Economic Intelligence (SIIE). This is to upgrade in a risk environment the technologies related to economic intelligence (IE). The dynamics of EI (ie. Competitive Intelligence) depend on mastering the knowledge and skills needed to design the best strategies and to ensure that decision-makers make the right decisions ;

3.ISKO-Maghreb ( & on « Digital Sciences: impacts and challenges on Knowledge Organization » :

Faced with the advent of the digital sciences, the governance of knowledge seems to be the scientific policy best suited to the creation of value with regard to Man and his evolution in cultures and civilizations. In the international symposium ISKO-Maghreb, the task of this governance is to take into consideration the transmission of knowledge related to scientific, technological and communication progress. Intrinsically, this process of knowledge transfer requires a system of knowledge organization and management that implements the production of knowledge, its actors and the digital sciences for its influence in society ;

4.TBMS ( on « Big-Data-Analytics Technologies for Strategic Management: innovation and competitiveness » :

The TBMS International Symposium explores the practical implications of Big Data and how it reconfigures relationships, expertise, methods, concepts and academic knowledge in all sectors: social, professional and economic.